[Aztecsoft] System Administrator with Open VMS Exp – 10 Years Profiles at Elmhurst, NY

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Job Title: System Administrator with Open VMS Exp – 10 Years Profiles
Location Elmhurst, NY
Duration: 13 Months



In the capacity of OpenVMS Systems Manager – Systems Engineer, the selected contractor will provide proper and sufficient skills to ensure expert and timely systems management and systems engineering support services for the NYC Department of Correction's OpenVMS platforms. Specific duties include:

·         Provide 24*7 system management – systems engineering support for the Department's OpenVMS platforms.

·         Install and configure new versions of OpenVMS.

·         Install and test software patches.

·         Install and test firmware upgrades.

·         Configure/reconfigure and support disk subsystems, including CPU-Independent storage area networks.

·         Install layered products.

·         Install, configure and support network – related products.

·         Provide support of OpenVMS clustering, both local and wide – area.

·         Provide support of disk subsystem volume shadowing/mirroring and backup/restore procedures.

·         Provide support of OpenVMS security management.

·         Participate in the development of new systems architectures.

·         Install, configure, test, implement, trouble – shoot and upgrade OpenVMS systems-related hardware, e.g., CPUs, dis subsystems, terminal servers, network-related equipment, printer and terminals.

·         Collaborate with the Department's Applications Development, PC Operations and Network Support Units in matters related to the OpenVMS platforms.

·         Provide support for, backup/restore, and build/rebuild Windows based customized voice response system.


·         Recent, in-depth, hands-on, related experience as an OpenVMS Systems Manager-Systems Engineer.

·                 OpenVMS operating system.

·                 Hands-on knowledge and experience with DECTP products, which includes Application Control Management Systems (ACMS)

·                 Alpha platforms.

·                 OpenVMS clusters.

·                 Digital Command Language (DCL)

·                 CPU – independent SAN technology.

·                 MS Windows.

·                 Intel platforms.

·                 Excellent analytical, and software and hardware skills, with the ability to diagnose problems. Develop solutions, and implement corrective actions.

·                 Hands-on knowledge and experience using OpenVMS capacity planning, performance management and system utility tools.

·                 Mus have 10+ years experience in areas listed above.


Hands-on knowledge and experience as a systems programmer on OpenVMS platforms. Hands-on knowledge and experience programming in a 3rd Generation Language (3GL) e.g., "C".

·         Knowledge of other operating systems, e.g., Linux.

·         Background in Incoming Voice Response (IVR) / Voice Response Unit (VRU).

·         Troubleshoot communications problems related to TCP/IP with connections between Dialogic boards, Harris switches, databases, and applications.

·         Experience in programming languages, e.g. C.

·         Hands-on networking experience.

·         Knowledge of Intel/Dialogic telephony interfaces.

·         DEC ACMS; CDD Plus; DEC FORMS


Thanks and Regards

Alex Wilson
Lead Technical Recruiter
Kovid Group INC..,
Tel No: +1-609-227-4489

Email Id:
www.kovidgroup.com; www.kovidacademy.com

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