[Aztecsoft] Oracle ADF -- Newark,DE -- 6+ month contract

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Hope you are doing well!
We at Panzer Solutions were wondering as to your current availability. We have an open position that we thought you may be interested in. If you are interested and available or know someone else who is,please contact me. kevin.johnson@panzersolutions.com
Title: Oracle ADF
Location:  Newark,DE
Duration: 6+ month contract

We are currently seeking an Oracle ADF (Application Development Framework) Developer
This role will be working as part of an Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing implementation team working primarily on customizations for the UI. Ideally the person will have OFSLL (Oracle Financial Services Lending & Leasing) experience or experience in any Oracle Financial services product (such as Flexcube, etc.) They should have prior experience customizing ADF applications.  There may be some limited travel to the clients location with the rest of the implementation team, but the majority of the time they will be working at the consulting companys location in Newark, DE.
Kevin Johnson| Technical Recruiter
Panzer Solutions LLC
Direct: (203) -652-1444  Ext 115

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