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Here is our Implementing partner Requirement.

Once you feel free please call me or Email me @ neha.g@nityo.com


Need Passport No .


Role : Network Engineer

Location : New York, NY

Duration of contract: Long term

Interview: Phone/ Skype  


Client: TCS


Job Description:

Digital : Splunk, ESM Network management, Real Time Location System (RTLS), EIS : Network Engineer

Experience with TLS certificates, network and FIXTrouble shooting and fixing issues – configuration issues, TLS issues, FIX heartbeat etc Understand secure communication between clients and Bloomberg such as using OpenSSL/Stunnel, enterprise scale FIX engines, order management systems(OMS) .


Top of Form

Handle tickets, Client outreach – send TSL certificates, communications, calls, test secure connectivity, troubleshoot issues(network knowledge) Client management - handle set of clients assigned, Light project management skills required to manage the work, Help build knowledge repository of training material, known issues etc. Continuously improve processes, documentation etc. The go to person within the team, trainer for the team, client facing - Lead, guide and train the team, Helps in resolving escalations, Covering up the spots missed by analyst.



Thanks & Regards,

Neha Gupta

Desk no : 609-853-0818 Ext-2105
Fax :   609 799 5746













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