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Role: Java Spring Boot/Microservices Developer

Location: Walnut Creek CA

Duration: 6 Months


Yes... skype hire.  Need copy of H1B visa and Linkedin.


·         New info manager responded in less than an hour but wants experience with Play Akka framework.

·         Min 8+ Years  of Experience in  Coding  - Java/J2EE/Web Technologies.

·         Strong Knowledge  of Algorithms and Data Structures.

·         Expert in Spring/ Spring Boot/Netflix OSS Stack (Any other Cloud-Ready Tech Stack also will be considered).

·         Strong hands on knowledge of Java/J2EE Design Patters/Best Coding practices / Industry Standards to be followed for the Web App Development.

·         Critical  Thinking and Strong Mathematical/Analytical Skills.

·         Knowledge of Persistent Systems - SQL and NO-SQL  (Elastic Search/SOLR Preferred).

·         In-Depth Knowledge of Multi-Threading /Concurrency in Java.

·         Knowledge of Containers (Docker) and Its Deployment /Tools for Orchestration.

·         Experience in working with Cloud Ready App Development using AWS & Docker desired.

·         Kubernetes experience is a plus



Thanks and Regards


Manu Priya

IDC Technologies, Inc, Milpitas, CA , USA, 95035

Mailto: manu.priya@idctechnologies.com


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