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Role: Java Developer

Duration: 12+ month contract

Location: St. Louis, MO

Phone and Inperson



·         You will be working predominately with Angular 2 and the D3 toolset to build visuals that will be used on desktop PCs, Mobile apps, and large conference room presentations.

·         Software will typically be deployed on Amazon native services (Elastic Beanstalk) or Cloudfoundry.

·         Proficiency with Javascript and a visualization library is required (D3 experience highly preferred) along with experience with converting user data selections into API REST calls, interpreting JSON results, and showing a visualization in a single page app.

·         Other skills we are extremely interested in candidates possessing:

·         Web authentication with OAUTH/SAML, rendering visuals such as geospatial heat maps, Amazon or Azure platforms, API development experience with Jersey/JAX-RS, Node Express, or Python Flask.

·         As there is a creative element to being successful in this role, we would love to see any non-proprietary work candidates have done or at least bring examples of data visualizations he or she find attractive, powerful, and be able to talk through how they would be developed



Thanks and Regards


Manu Priya

IDC Technologies, Inc, Milpitas, CA , USA, 95035

Work: 408-459-2496

Mailto: manu.priya@idctechnologies.com


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