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Hi ,

We have an urgent opening for  Backend Java Developer and  here is the job description ,Please go through it and let me know if  you are comfortable with it  and also send me yours/consultant's updated resume ASAP.




Location:-  San Jose, CA

Backend Java Developer


Duration: 6+ months with possible extension.

Need 9+ years Genuine Profiles No Opt's Please 


Job Description:

At least 5-7 years of experience in backend technologies


Quick learner and should have experienced developer.




Must be specializing and well-versed in backend technologies,
Require knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL)
Extensive experience of using and/or designing RESTful APIs, Spring

Moderate experience with multiple scripting languages such as Python, Perl, Bash, Ruby
Good working and applied knowledge of networking protocols including TCP and UDP (plus)
Good working knowledge of cloud security and web security.
Good working knowledge programming multithreaded systems.



Thanks & regards 

Chalapathi Pallay,
GSS Infotech Inc

A SEI-CMMI Level 5 Company

Direct:- 8606404324,

Phone: 860-640-4354  Ext 3016


Email:-  chalapathi.pallay@gssinfotech.com

Web site:- www.gssinfotech.com

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