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Powerful free anti-malware

Powerful free anti-malware

Does "www" stand for "World Wide Web" or "wild, wild west?" The Internet often seems like a lawless and barbaric place, with threats around every corner. I've got good news! It's not "every man for himself" out there. For every rootin' tootin' virus-slingin' bandit online there's a sheriff in town.

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System: Windows, OSX

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Quick daily Bible devotionals

Quick daily Bible    devotionals

Reading the Bible is a great way to grow spiritually, but it can be hard to carve time out of your day. If you really want to study the Bible, there are little steps you can take to make sure you soak up some of the Word every day.

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System: Android, iOS

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Play the best classic video games for free

Play the best classic video games for free

Many of the video games in headlines today are the heavy-hitters in the graphics department. Grand Theft Auto V is the current top dog, but it's important to remember the humble beginnings of the video game.

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