Cut your data usage in half - Sat. Dec. 1, 2012

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Data overage fees are a major pain, but this app can... View this email as a webpage
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Cut your data usage in half

With most cellular providers, data doesn't come free. Overage fees are a major pain, but this app can help keep you under your limit.

This app lets you get up to five times more of your current data plan by automatically compressing data in other apps. Some users have cut their data usage by half or more!

Cost: Free
Systems: iOS and Android

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The H news

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The H news 01/12/2012
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Overview of the news from the past 24 hours
The H Open Source feature
Kernel Log - Coming in 3.7 (Part 5): CPU and platform code

Linux 3.7 supports ARM64, the processor used in the Raspberry Pi, and Intel's SMAP security feature. The next kernel release will also include new tools for tracing processes and improved collaboration with Microsoft's hypervisor

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The H news
Linux Mint 14.1 released to fix showstopper bugs

The developers of Linux Mint have released version 14.1 of their distribution and have remastered the corresponding ISO images to fix three bugs affecting performance with Intel GPUs and booting on EFI systems

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Crowdfunding sought for a Windows 8 VLC media player

Could Windows 8 and Windows RT's "Metro" user interface be getting a custom version of the open source VLC player? If the VLC developers behind a new Kickstarter campaign raise the funds, the answer will be yes

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Email hacks router

For those who use an Arcor, Asus or TP-Link router, just opening an email could have far-reaching consequences

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The H Open Source news
Project cleanup in progress at Eclipse

A recent run of project terminations at the Eclipse Foundation is explained by its Community Director as a natural part of the process that is being accelerated by an oncoming ending of Eclipse CVS support for projects

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Mozilla becomes Internet Society silver member

Mozilla has announced that it has joined the Internet Society (ISOC) as a Silver member. Among other things, ISOC provides administrative and organisational support to the IETF

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DotNetNuke 7.0: Useful features in the commercial version

Version 7 of the DotNetNuke web application development and management system is now available. The commercial version now includes features such as the ability to compare files

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The H Security news
Lost+Found: Anonymous surfing, dubious DRM and a stuck stock exchange

In this edition: the latest edition of Nmap arrives, a router to route everything over Tor, an Autorun pest, a PDF autopsy, Stockholm's stuck stock exchange, and a rather breakable unbreakable DRM

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Surveillance software: Gamma Group's offshore companies uncovered

Surveillance software firms are using offshore companies in countries like the British Virgin Islands to do business with regimes that want to spy on their citizens

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